Instant loan from Switzerland

An instant loan from Switzerland is a way to get a short-term loan up to a sum of 4,000 USD by a bank from Switzerland. The application for such a loan, however, is not made directly at a Swiss bank, but regularly via a credit intermediary. Corresponding addresses can be found very easily and very quickly on the internet.

Advantages of the instant loan from Switzerland

For some borrowers, it is advantageous that the Swiss banks do not seek information from the credit bureau for such an instant loan. Also, after the granting of such a loan, no communication is made by the Swiss banks to German institutions, that is also not to the credit bureau or, where appropriate, to public-law clients.

Requirements of the instant loan from Switzerland

However, this does not mean that an instant loan from Switzerland would be forgiven without collateral. The crediting banks check the creditworthiness of each applicant very closely. An applicant must be of legal age and have a permanent residence in the Federal Republic of Germany. He also has to have a steady income. The probationary period of his employment or civil service relationship must have expired. The income must be proven by appropriate, meaningful documents. His freely disposable income must be above the attachment exemption limit. In most cases it is even required that the disposable income is well above this limit.

Settlement of the instant loan from Switzerland

An advantage for most borrowers is the fact that an instant loan from Switzerland does not want to know enough bank what the money is used for. The settlement is usually very fast. Often the loan – if it is then granted – after 24 hours from the filing of the application and the application with the credit intermediary. Also cash payments are partially possible.

With a corresponding regular income, some people can obtain a short-term – and additional – financial leeway through such an instant loan from Switzerland. But even with this financing instrument must always be kept in mind that this loan must also be paid back.