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Online loans are very popular in Germany. Due to the many different advantages and the simple loan processing more and more loans are given over the Internet. A negative input or bad credit bureau score reduces the likelihood of getting an online loan from a direct bank. The immediate processing of the loan application is until then, despite credit bureau completely non-binding and free. All processing takes place exclusively online or via the telephone hotline. More exposition at

Online credit without credit bureau? We have…. here!

Online credit without credit bureau? We have…. here!

In this context, we speak of an institution that faces the citizen of the Federal Republic of Germany every day, indirectly. We speak of the credit bureau – the No. 1 of credit bureaus with the largest database with comprehensive information on our shopping behavior. No credit transactions to which the credit bureau with its detailed information on the payment behavior of the citizens has no significant influence.

Whether renting a commodity, conclusion of a mobile phone contract, lease for a new property or loan application – the credit bureau credit report is there and in a significant function! Credit? Not without credit bureau! On-line credit of a house bank today only if a statement of consent is signed before, after which the house bank may obtain a credit bureau information.

If the consent form is not submitted, the application is ALWAYS fulfilled – that is: rejected! If the approval statement exists, the house bank will ask the counterparty, ie the house bank, to provide credit information indicating to the house bank if the applicant is a solvent customer with a positive credit rating.

If there are no negative inputs according to this information, this is a very good sign and usually the last building block in lending. However, if there are negative features in the credit bureau, such as a pending or a reminder letter, the document is usually rejected. If you need only a small loan or mini loan for a maximum of 30 days, you will find it here – even if you have a credit bureau charged!

Each of our customers is an honest customer for us, who only has to overcome a short financing bottleneck.

Is credit bureau also asked for an online loan?

Is credit bureau also asked for an online loan?

To determine the debtor’s creditworthiness of a debtor before granting the loan, the principal bank asks a credit reference agency for information about a debtor. The largest of these credit agencies in Germany is the protection community for general credit insurance (credit bureau). The credit bureau collects data about every adult who ever was in the Federal Republic.

In addition to personal information, the credit bureau file also contains details of existing obligations, outstanding loans and the previous payment history. Consumers who have outstanding or unresolved claims on a company or have not been able to pay in the past receive a so-called negative note in their file. A negative input or a bad credit bureau result worsens the chance of getting an online loan from a direct bank.

If you can no longer obtain credit from the house bank due to its weak credit bureau result, a large number of providers of so-called online loans without credit bureau are available online. The providers of these loans are mostly criminals, who promise the ignorant consumers the payment of an online loan even without access to the credit bureau file.

The offer of free online credit is usually characterized by very high lending rate and processing costs. In addition, online loan providers often require a partial repayment of the loan amount without being created before the loan is disbursed. If the ailing consumer has made the payment to the criminals, in most cases the desired credit amount is no longer paid – the consumer then has higher sums than before.

In the event of a house bank rejection due to a negative entry in the credit bureau file or a false credit bureau score, it can often be helpful to claim the online loan with a second borrower. If the second borrower has his own current account balance and has no negative entries in his credit record, it is possible that the principal bank still approves the loan application.